Infographics in Context

  • Concept Development,
  • Research,
  • Information Design,
  • Data Visualisation,
  • Photography,

Infographics in Context is an investigation into data visualisation and infographics. It's an attempt to answer the question: How to make hard data interesting and intriguing for the audience and ideally easier to understand?

The project uses data about the social and political interests of Danish citizens. The data is derived from an opinion poll conducted by Gallup in relation to a Danish parliamentary election where the top 10 interests of the Danes are listed as follows:

The concept for the project is inspired by Nathan Shedroff's interpretation of the DIKW hierarchy where knowledge of a subject's context is key in understanding and conveying it.

By using the context of a data set to design its diagram, the designer can convey more layers of information than by presenting the data in a regular diagram.

Interest no. 4 shows Danish citizen's opinion about religious symbols in public professions. A hijab, a kippah and a christian prayer chain was used to design the diagrams.

Interest no. 5 shows Danish citizen's confidence that the state can handle a bacterial epidemic. Bacteria like staphylococci and E. coli was grown and used to design the diagrams.

Interest no. 6 shows if Danish citizens have changed behaviour because of gang related crimes. Barricade tape and physical behaviour was used to design the diagrams.

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