Larsen Pavilion

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  • Concept Development,
  • Experience Design,
  • Visual Design,
  • Moving Image,
  • Exhibition Design,

On July 12th 2017 an enormous 5,000km² iceberg (four times the size of London), detached from the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica and started drifting into the open ocean. The separation was caused by a 115km long and 500m deep rift that had been growing in the ice shelf since 2004. Partly due to climate change and partly due to natural occurrence, this new independent floating Island, 350m thick, frozen and glistening with pristine whiteness was born.

We worked together with Israeli ceramic artist Johnathan Hopp on creating and designing the concept for Larsen Pavilion – an exhibition about one of the biggest climatic events in modern times – known to very few.

Larsen Pavilion celebrated the past, present and future of the new born island which is unique in being perfectly res nullius (belonging to no-one legally), being in no specific geographical location and carrying the heritage and history of no man, plant or animal. Amongst others the pavilion documented the status of the moving rift and inspired the audience to use the new island which is expected to have a lifespan of 20-30 years.

Larsen Pavilion was exhibited at Jerusalem Design Week in June 2017 and was featured in Wallpaper*, FRAME and Dezeen.